Who Says You Need Artistic Skills Anyway?..


Dear Marketing Friend,

Have you ever wondered why there are so many banners floating around the internet nowadays? The truth is banners are big business!

They bring traffic to your website, not just any-old traffic, but quality traffic, traffic interested in what you're advertising. In fact Google themselves are using banners to generate millions every year through advertising!

Banners work well with content-rich text websites such as articles websites, forums, review websites and social networking sites where a banner ad is closely related to the topic of discussion.

For example, if there was a forum discussion on 'how to remove spyware from your computer' and your banner ad was promoting an anti-spyware tool you can be very sure that you're going to get clicks! If you're an affiliate of the software you can redirect the traffic through to your affiliate link grab some serious commissions!

What about the banners? How are they created?

You'd probably think that you have to pay $100s to get your own banners created right? Afterall, some sites charge $34.95 for just 1 468x60 banner and up to $339 for a set!

..Or maybe you think you'd have to at least be a whizz at Photoshop or some other graphic program to pull it off, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Easy Banner Creator is ONLY tool you'll need to create seriously cool animated and static banners in a wide range of standard sizes for all your advertising campaigns!

If you can point, click, drag and drop, you can create professional banners like you've never imagined! No matter what your current experience is, how computer literate you are, how creative you are, you will pull of some amazing results!

Choose From 21 Preset Standard Banner Sizes To Suit The Task!

Add Modern Gradients And Impact Borders With Ease!

Import Multiple Layers Of Text And Images From The Library!

Add Special Transition Effects With One Mouse Click!

Rotate And Modify Text And Image Layers For Dynamic Banners!

Creating Banners Is As Easy As 1..2..3..!


Just Take A Look A Some Of The Banners That Were Created In Less Than 5 Mintues!

Here's a few examples of what we managed to pull up in 5 minutes! We've created static banners and banners with looped animations to demonstrate their effects!

With Easy Banner Creator You Will Be Able To...

Generate 100s and 1000s of professional banners from just one piece of software! - There are NO limits! Create as many banners as you want within minutes without the headache of other complicated graphics programs!

Work fast with little learning curve! - We've created a friendly user interface with all the basic point, click, drag, drop, copy and paste functions to help you pull of some fantasic work! You'll be churning them out like a machine and no one will know how you're doing it!

Save $100s on graphic designer fees! - You will never have to hire out a graphic designer who can charge $34.95 for just 1 small banner and $339 upwards for a set! You'll be working for yourself, work, faster, smarter so you can budget more for your projects! You work for YOU!

Create static and animated banners with ease! - Choose from 18 different animations from slide effects, to fading-in effects, to circles, to checker-board and much much more!.. Vary the speed of your animation to suit your needs for a perfect banner every time!

Choose from a library of ready-made icons and images! - Easy Banner Creator is jam-packed with symbols, images, logos and icons to add instant impact to your banners!

Add custom text layers in a click! - Layer one message on top of another for some 3D effects, or fade and rotate text messages in the background for special effects! There are no limits!

Choose from 21 different preset banner sizes! - Never lose your head trying to remember all the exact pixel sizes for every banner! We've set the canvas all up for you so you're ready to go!

Save your work for future reference! - Simply save your template and start what you last left off! If you like a certain style and want to apply it to another banner, simply select your template so you won't have to start from scratch!

Export to all major image formats! - Easy Banner Creator allows you to continue working on your banner with other programs! Export to .gif, .jpg, .psd, .tga, and .bmp!

There are so many features in Easy Banner Creator that allow you to play around with the styling, colors, animations and more. In fact it's hard to produce a 'bad' banner because our software sets up safe boundaries!

Compatible For ALL Your Banner Needs In A Wide Range Of Sizes!

Whether you can to create a flashy 'Buy Now' button, a small banner for a blog, a banner for a PPC campaign or you want all sizes for your affiliates to promote your products you're sure to find everything you need! Check out the full range!..

tick88 x 31 Small Button tick234 x 60 Half Banner
tick80 x 15 Blog Button tick468 x 60 Standard
  tick392 x 72 Navigation Banner
tick120 x 90 Button 1  
tick120 x 60 Button 2 tick120 x 240 Vertical Banner
  tick120 x 295 Vertical Rectangle
tick125 x 125 Square Button tick150 x 295 Half Page
tick250 x 250 Square 1 tick160 x 295 Large Skyscraper
tick100 x 100 Square 2  
tick200 x 200 Square 3 tick180 x 150 Rectangle
  tick300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
tick680 x 90 Leader Board tick336 x 280 Large Rectangle
tick728 x 90 Large Horizontal Rectangle  

Imagine seeing your own banner on someone else's website!.. and you click on it and find out it's an affiliate linking back to you! Not only is it cool to see your own creations all over the web but you are getting 'hands-free' traffic back to your website with people making money for YOU simply because you provided them with the tools to do so! Keep your affiliates well-armed, and they will look after you in return! It's a complete win-win situation!

Even if you own a basic article mini-site with AdSense and ClickBank products, you can still provide other webmasters with the tools to link back to you and to exchange traffic. Not only will your rankings in the search engines increase, but you'll be attracting visitors from other websites because of your flashy graphics! Yes!.. banners are THAT powerful!

"Finally A Piece Of Software I Can Use Straight Out Of The Box!.."

Hi Aaron, Wow, finally a piece of software I can use straight out of the box and impliment within just a few minutes. Because quite honestly, I'm sick of new software that comes with a 20 page instruction manual. With this new Banner Generator, I was up and running within a minute or 2... which for my short attention span, is a real must!

I’m now using it to create additional promotional materials for my own products and many of the affiliate products I promote.

The Banners are very easy to create and you don’t need to use photoshop or any other technical software - which is ideal for a technophobe like me!

I also love the video tutorial that comes with the software. Talk about making it easy...

...this is about as easy as it gets... perfect!

Peter Tremayne


"While Many Good Things In Life
Have To Be Complicated,
Banner Creation Does Not!.."

"Easy Banner Creator is an amazing tool for anyone possessing a website, looking to advertise a service online, or even just looking to decorate a social networking page. Regardless of whether you’ve already generated banners or if you are a first time user, this program will astonish you both because of its simplicity and rich variety in terms of results.

The program contains an impressive library of pre-designed backgrounds, clip-art, and other useful add-ons, but also allows you to import and incorporate your own images, art, and miscellaneous materials, hence offering even more creative freedom. Above all, it’s the kind of software that you will actually have lots of fun using.

After testing the software, I now view it as one of the Ultimate Custom Advertising Tools for online business owners. While many good things in life have to be complicated, banner creation does not.

Thanks a lot for the amazing resource!"



"Match, Combine, Stir =
A Beautiful Easy Banner.."

"I really like Banner Generator. Everything is geared towards making banners and the interface is to the point. No crowded menus.

What I also liked is that it came with a video tutorial which walks you through the interface and shows what is possible.

It made it so easy to start using the program. The included library of backgrounds, cliparts, and animations is very nice and useable.
No ugly graphics which you cannot use for anything.

I'm using Banner Generator to make some banners for a website I will be reviving shortly. If you are serious about creating banners by yourself, then you will love Banner Generator.

I surely did, because it's also fun to use. Match, combine, stir = a beautiful Easy Banner."



"Now I Won't Have To Pay Other Vendors To Make My Banners For Me!.."

"This is a must-have piece of software for my business. Thanks for creating it!

You don't know how long I've been waiting to find an affordable, easy to use, but powerful banner creator. Yours fit the bill nicely! Now I won't have to pay other vendors to make my banners for me. This alone, saves me hundreds of dollars! Not only that, but your quality software was less expensive than many of your competitors (especially when you offered it for that special price)!

Your banner creator combines a simple user interface with complex but invisible, behind-the-scenes object rendering that quickly produced quality banners for my sites and affiliate programs!"

Russell Littlecreek


But Wait!.. That's Not All!..

Order Today And You'll Also Receive Our Library Of 100+ Royalty-Free Stock Photos!..

Use them for your website templates, banners even as product covers. Our versitle photos will help brand your product or service no matter what niche you're in! Whether you're in the 'make money' niche, travel niche, cooking and recipe niche, dating and relationship niche, self development niche or music and video niche you're sure to find something to match your taste! Scroll down to check out just a small sample of the royalty-free stock photos you'll have access to!..

Whilst these stock photo could quite easily be packaged on it's own, you're going to receive it absolutely free with Easy Banner Creator!


But Wait!.. That's Not All!..

Order Today And You'll Also Receive Our Library Of 1000+ Animated GIFs!..

There are certain things you can do to instantly grab the attention of your visitors. Or to guide their attention into a certain area of a page, like the order button, or an important benefit.

If used sparingly, these animated graphics WILL grab your visitors attention and guide them to where you want them to go. We've put together a collection of over 1,000 brand new, high quality, professional animated web graphics that you can simply copy and paste into your websites and blogs.

NO design skills required, NO special software required, and NO BIG designer fees!

Since these graphics are already pre-made and pre-formatted, it literally takes just a few minutes to stick them into your website. And they're really high quality and polished, so you WILL actually want to use them in your site.

Take A Look At Just Some Of The Wicked Graphics You'll Be Able To Add To Your Sales Pages In Seconds!..

..& That Was Only 32 Animations Out Of The 1000s You'll Get!

As you can see, these are really professional graphics. They were all designed by a real graphics pro who charges up to $100 an hour for custom work. This is really high quality stuff. So you can actually feel good about putting these graphics on your site.

What Will They Do For Me?

These Max Impact Graphics have been designed for almost any niche and will;

tick Increase opt-in conversions on your squeeze pages.
tick Increase sales conversions on your sales pages.
tick Increase sign-ups on your pop-ups, pop-over hovers.
tick Increase sales on your one-time offers.
tick Increase click-throughs on your ad publishing websites.
tick Grab your reader's attention.
tick And.. most importantly.. increase your profits!

If the latter reason doesn't make you realize why you need graphics a cut above the rest then nothing will. With more and more people jumping on the internet marketing band wagon you've got to stand out!

Whilst I could quite easily charge for this packaged on it's own, you're going to receive it absolutely free with Easy Banner Creator!

You see, whether you're already a graphic designer or don't have time or money to outsource your banner creation, Easy Banner Creator will do just the trick. It's fast and easy to work with and you don't have to stress about layers and 'rules' like with other complicated programs. In fact you'll find it the perfect solution to all those complicated programs on the internet. Here's my guarantee!..

Scroll Down To Grab Your Copy Now!

So go ahead, grab your copy today and start producing top-notch banners and liven up your sales pages! Sales letters don't have to be boring sales 'letters' anymore.. not with EasyBannerCreator!

We truely believe that you should not be at a dis-advantage just because you're not an artist and just as well, you don't have the time to develop these skills... so why not just get the program that will do it for you?

We have spent months developing this software and invested $1000s in programming costs, but reduced the price all the way down to $49.95 $27 for your pleasure!

Easy Banner Creator
60-Day No-Risk Acceptance Form!

Yes! I understand that Easy Banner Creator will help me to produce top end banners without the technical graphic design skills needed!

Yes! I understand that Easy Banner Creator is easy to work with and I'll be creating animated banners for all my projects and affiliate programs within minutes!

Yes! I understand that I will also receive 1000+ animated graphics that I can just copy and paste into my websites and sales page for instant impact!

And Yes! I fully understand that I can test drive this product for 60 days and if I'm not completely happy I can simply ask for a refund!

Order Now For A One Time Payment Of Only $49.95 $27!

P.S. I am so sure that you will love this product that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know within 60 days and we'll refund your money, in full, without hassle!

P.P.S. The burden to deliver and satisfy lies entirely on us. If we don't deliver then it's our lost - not yours.

P.P.P.S. Don't worry if you can't afford Adobe Photoshop, or Macromedia Fireworks, or other such expensive programs. Easy Banner Creator is the perfect alternative solution!


Compatibility: Please note that this program is designed to run on Windows PCs only. This WILL NOT work for Apple MACs.

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